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A Future Without Privacy

Photo illustration of a hand on the touchpad of laptop, overlaid with a geometric web of lock icons

If you listen to the main voices on privacy concerns they’re all saying something like this: Privacy is possible in 2017 and beyond We’re losing ground right now But don’t worry–we can fix it Well, 1 out of 3 ain’t bad. The truth is that privacy is going away—permanently. To see how and why, let’s […]

Why Password Hygiene Needs a Reboot

Dark room with man on computer screen, lighting up his face. The word 'Security' overlaid above.

In today’s digital world, password security is more important than ever. While biometrics, one-time passwords (OTP), and other emerging forms of authentication are often touted as replacements to the traditional password, today, this concept is more marketing hype than anything else. But just because passwords aren’t going anywhere anytime soon doesn’t mean that organizations don’t need to […]

DoD Budget Appears To Cut Cyber Offense, Beef Up Defenses

The Pentagon

WASHINGTON: The Defense Department’s 2022 proposed budget appears to signal a shift toward funding more defensive cybersecurity measures at the cost of some offensive cyber operations. The single biggest reduction in proposed year-over-year cyber funding appears to be in overseas “hunt-forward” cyber operations, with a $284.4 million cut to $147.2 million in 2022 versus a […]

3 Efficiency Tips for MS Teams

Two hands holding a smartphone with the Microsoft Teams screen logo displayed

Microsoft Teams is an incredibly powerful tool that most users never use to its full potential. At eData Support we have helped many of our clients utilize teams and at first most think of the application as just an instant messaging platform. Once we open their eyes to some of the capabilities of the program […]

5 Things to Have Ready when Meeting with an MSP

A laptop screen displaying programming code

After the decision has been made to bring in an outside vendor to maintain and manage your IT environment the initial meetings are always dedicated to discovery. For this reason, the initial meeting is rarely ever one meeting. There will be lots of questions asked on both sides for which the recipient does not have […]

AntiVirus vs EDR: What’s the Difference?

Photo illustration of a laptop, overlaid with a shield with a keyhole with a transparent background of numbers and a circuit design

There are two different types of endpoint protection in today’s cybersecurity landscape. While either is better than no protection, it is important to know the difference, and which provides the better protection for the computers in your network. Traditional AV When most people think of antivirus software they are normally thinking of traditional AV. This […]